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Most new comers to the EMS world like the word EMERGENCY. It has been

said that, in the general population, one person of ten will call an ambulance.

Of those, only one in one hundred will truly have an emergency. That makes over 99% of what we do non-emergency transportation.


Bowers Emergency Services believes that if a patient has needs to be met,

it is an emergency to them. When we provide courteous, safe, and

professional service to the dialysis patient, the cancer patient for radiation or

chemotherapy, or the patient rehabilitating from a traumatic injury, we are

serving the needs of our community.


In many ways, these patients have emergencies going on. To some of these patients, the EMTs that ride in attendance with them are the only human interaction they have.


Whether it is to a doctor's appointment down the street or a family reunion

in another state, Bowers Emergency Services stands ready to assist you

with all of your non-emergency medical transportation needs.


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