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At Bowers Emergency Services, we are proud of where we are from

and where we are headed!

The Bowers family has been serving our community long before our ambulance service began.

 "Granny" Bowers was a nurse on the pediatric floor of the old General Hospital for many years.  "PaPa"Bowers helped build several churches from the 30s through the 70s.  C.B. Quinn was an "insurance man" that had the reputation of being everyone's friend, a community and church leader (not to mention a great sense of humor.)

Rev. Bobby Bowers, served our local Rescue Squad as Chaplain. He also served Greenville Health System as Chaplain for more than 35 years. Nick Netchaeff provided the $2500.00 seed money to begin our business in 1986.

Willie & Mildred Wood has supported our business, both spiritually & financially. Momma Jo & Mimi are the love that shows in everything we do.

Randy & Tim knew the kind of service they wanted to provide.  It was never about money and always about serving others.  Marilyn brought structure and helped identify the direction to make our goals achievable.  Every member of our family has been involved in our service at one time or another.

Now with the 4th generation serving the community with modern Advanced Life Support services, our family is committed to excellent Emergency, Community Paramedic, Non Emergency, & Mobile Health Services.